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Website Hosting


Midstate Communications web hosting services provide the underlying systems, support, and network infrastructure for you to deliver information and do business on the World Wide Web.

As the Web becomes more of a marketing tool for businesses, it's important to choose a service provider that's reliable and knowledgeable. Any successful Web site must have reliable Internet access. While it proves too costly for you to develop and maintain a reliable Web site, we can show you how cost effective it is when you let Midstate host your Web site.


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Why rely on Midstate Communications?

  • No large investment on your part for expensive Web servers and software
  • No need to hire or train people to maintain a Web server for your Web site
  • We provide non-stop monitoring and management of the Web server hosting your web site

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500 MB Web Space No cost
Domain Name Hosting $2.50 per month per domain name
Domain Name Setup $50.00
Domain Name Transfer $25.00
Vanity Emails $2.00 per email
Additional Emails $2.50 per email includes virus/spam protection

Other services available upon request.
* If any CGI scripts are found to be malicious or exploitable, we will ask that they be removed.
** Customers will need to have a “reader” such as Webtrends, and also to rotate files out monthly

Web Hosting Login Information

Connect your FTP client or web design software to Use the login and password given to you by customer service for your web page. HTML and other web page files need to be saved under the public_html folder. Your first page must be named index.html.

Your personal web page may be viewed at, if you don't have a domain name for your page.


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