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Windows 10 Update

May 24, 2016

Since Microsoft released the new Windows 10 update to the masses of users who are currently using Windows 7 or 8.1, it seems as though it has caused equal amount of harm as it has goodwill.  Microsoft is allowing customers using Windows 7 & 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge until July 29, 2016.

Windows UpdateSome of you early adapters took the plunge and upgraded your PC to the Windows 10 operating system with little or no disruptions, while others have held onto your tried and true operating system. Those who have not yet chosen to upgrade to Windows 10 are being barraged by pop-ups wanting you to upgrade to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the upgrade to Windows 10 is eminent. Many have tried to avoid the upgrade by simply clicking on the “x” in the pop-up window to make the upgrade notification go away.  Unfortunately Microsoft has changed their practices and when a customer clicks on the “x” to make the pop-up go away, to Microsoft that is the same as confirming you want to upgrade to the Windows 10 platform.

We recommend that you accept the upgrade as Windows 10 does have some new feature and upgrades. Although to successfully upgrade your PC be cautious that you do so in the proper manner to avoid your computer shutting down on you.  The last couple of days we have received an increased number of calls and IT Trouble tickets from our customers who attempted to upgrade their PC to Windows 10 only to have their computer totally lock up on them.  To restore your computer once it locks up is both time consuming and costly.
We advise that once you click on the “Upgrade Now” tab and once you are forwarded to the agreement page, please select the “ACCEPT” tab.  By choosing to decline the upgrade, it locks your computer and all of your data along with having to reinstall all of your programs.

If you have any questions regarding the Windows 10 upgrade please do not hesitate to call our IT Support Specialists at 778-8028.

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